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Grade Comparison

Premium - completely free of defects. These are of the finest quality boxes available in the world!

Standard - these boxes contain only tight knots which quarantees the integrity of the hive while providing a cheaper alternative to Premium whereas there is always clearance between the knot and the edge of the body so there is no risk of edge cracking or fallout. These are a high performance/ low cost hive.

Budget - manufactured primarily for the packaging and transport of full frames, small holes up to 20mm and edge knots are common in this budget box.

All hives are constructed using a sturdy 21= mm Radiata Pine, stiffened and hardened using some of the timber industries most advanced and proven seasoning techniques.

The high quality hive bodies come with a manufacturer guarantee for assembly and grade.


Type Options

Locked Corner
Sturdy dovetailing on four corners ensures a sturdy moisture proof fit.
The locked corner box has the ability to be nailed from both directions on all corners.

A popular cost effective alternative to the locked corner box, the rebated hive bodies are easy to construct and have proven performance.

Width Options
  • 353 mm - 8 frame
  • 406 mm - 10 frame
  • 414 - 10 Frame
Depth Options
  • 146 mm - (ideal depth)
  • 185 mm - (three quarter)
  • 243 mm - (full depth)
  • 193 WSP
  • 240 Full Depth (Rebated Only)

Special sizes by arrangement.